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Licensed Funeral Establishment

Ottawa Mortuary Services Ltd. is a fully licensed funeral establishment, licensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario as a Class 1- Funeral Establishment, NOT offering services to the general public. Established in 2009, we have quickly become the leader in all funeral related trade services in Eastern Ontario and the National Capital Region. Specializing in removals and transportation, we also encompass funeral vehicle rentals, Funeral Director and embalming services, staffing services, secure storage facilities, cremation packages, shipping services and containers.

Our firm holds a registered secure shipper status with Transport Canada, to facilitate both domestic and international transportation of human remains. Located in the Nation's Capital, we specialize in human remains logistics across the world, regularly provide consular and embassy documentation services for funeral homes and aiding in repatriations.

We have over 40 staff members who consistently bring quality and value to you and your funeral home, and as the only fully licensed provider to the trade in Ottawa, we look forward to helping you!

"We are funeral professionals helping funeral professionals"

Removals and Transfers

Ottawa Mortuary Services Ltd. specializes in professional, respectful, timely and cost efficient removals; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a dignified manner that you would expect from your own staff. We participate in thousands of removals annually for funeral homes, the Coroner's office and the Ottawa Police. OMS currently operates 4 removal vehicles that are fully equipped with all potentially necessary supplies and knowledgeable staff. Each vehicle is equipped with 2 way radios, Wi-Fi networks and Panasonic Toughbook touchscreen computers, allowing the staff to be in direct live contact with dispatch at all times, while operating on our cloud database. Receive real time updates as our staff perform the removal so you can receive any additional information prior to meeting with your client family. Our OMS “call sheet” will now be available online instantly at home or at the office, just make sure we have your email on file to enjoy this option and to keep you informed LIVE.

Our new Nissan NV2500 cargo vans are equipped with hydraulic lifts to effectively execute a variety of tasks in a timely manner to minimize any delays to your client family. We also specialize in inter-provincial documentation for transfers to and from the province of Quebec. We are available to help in transportation to or from any location, whether it be a last minute long distance trip with time constraints or a preference over flying, our staff is available at any time to assist.

Removals and Transfers

Removals and Transfers

Embalming and Secure Storage

Ottawa Mortuary Services houses one of the largest and most modern preparation rooms available in Eastern Ontario. Our licensed Embalmers know what is required to accomplish results that reflect your funeral home. OMS is capable of handling all your regular, posted, restorative and infectious cases, specializing in ship out preparation. With great attention to detail, our renowned embalmers work thoroughly to achieve a result that ensures your firm's reputation is upheld and expectations are met. They are experienced in a wide range of different cases and regularly participate in demonstrations with the Ottawa Police Service and the Office of the Chief Coroner of Ontario for educational purposes. We have secure refrigerated storage on site as well, to assist with any needs. At Ottawa Mortuary Services, we understand the importance of an open casket, and we’ll do what is necessary to give the families you serve the opportunity to have a viewing, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Staffing and Funeral Vehicles

OMS boasts the most extensive funeral livery fleet in all of Eastern Ontario. Each rental includes a knowledgeable, professional, experienced driver to ensure a seamless connection between firms while reflecting the best possible image for your funeral home. From funeral coaches and limousines, to sedans, SUV's or vans, OMS can meet any demand of today's funeral professional. Ottawa Mortuary Services Ltd. also provides staffing solutions to funeral homes, whether it be pallbearers, funeral assists, or a director for arrangements or the day of the service, we are available to help. Planning a vacation? We are available for complete funeral home coverage, just give us a call.

Removals and Transfers

Removals and Transfers

Cremation Services

Ottawa Mortuary Services provides complete cremation services to a multitude of funeral homes on a regular basis. Our package is guaranteed to be the lowest price in the National Capital Region, as it includes the removal from place of death, documentation, an environmentally friendly finished plywood cremation container, secure storage, the transfer to crematorium and retrieval of cremated remains. All completed in a timely, efficient manor. Being a licensed funeral establishment you can rest assured your client family is being provided a professional dignified service. Call us today for a quote or send your inquiry to

Containers and Merchandise

OMS carries a vast array of containers and merchandise. We manufacture cremation containers with an environmentally friendly finished plywood, in a regular size, oversized, or to custom dimensions. We also build and stock shipping air trays, combination packs, urn shipping containers, and shipping shells. Hermetic sealers, lined shells, and other shipping merchandise are also available.

We carry all shipping supplies and products required to ship internationally or domestically and are available at your firm's request. Custom orders are available, please speak to a representative to place a custom order.

Removals and Transfers

Removals and Transfers

International and Domestic Shipping

Our firm has extensive experience with shipping human remains around the world and has quickly become a service relied upon by many funeral homes around the world. Our firm is experienced in working with Funeral Homes, Government Agencies, Insurance Companies, Embassies, Airlines and Customs locally and abroad. OMS holds a registered secure shipper status with Transport Canada. This facilitates the screening process and ensures quick and secure travel between destinations, and a safe, reliable shipment to minimize both the emotional and financial impact on your client family.

Our experienced staff have dealt with some of the most difficult shipments to some of the most remote locations in the world, and with our constantly growing network of agents, have delivered on our promise time and time again. Being centrally located in our Nation's Capital allows quick access to authenticating and legalizing documents with foreign affairs, embassies and consulates, translators and other Government Agencies. We are here to help you get from place of death to the final resting place.

Our experience in repatriation and shipping includes, but is not limited to: North America, the Caribbean, Europe; England, Greece, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Bosnia, Holland, Italy, Spain, France, Australia, Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon, Madagascar, the South America's and more.

Chartered Private Jet and helicopter accommodations are also available for Human Remains transport as well as for family members. Sufficient time must be given to clear a flight path with the FAA, please consult with a representative in regards to requirements of Private air travel or with any other questions or requests at 1 (877) 504-2777 or by email at



Graham MacDonald

  • CEO
  • Past President- ODFSA
  • Certified Crematory Operator (USA)

Ivan Egrmajer

  • Operations Manager
  • Logistical Specialist
  • Certified Crematory Operator (USA)

Licensed Staff

Justine Newby

  • Managing Funeral Director

Dana Sheehan

  • Funeral Director


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Brenna Harrington

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Devan Kealey

Evan Murphy

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